SnapHRM offers everything in one place

Empower your business with all the right tools to manage your human resources.


Empower your business with all the right tools to manage your human resources.

Powerful Dashboard

Manage everyday tasks easily from dashboard.

Approve Leaves

See all the pending leave requests. Approve or reject right from your dashboard.

Attendance Summary

Get a summary of how many employees are present or absent. Employees can clock-in/out from their dashboard.

Calendar Events

Know who is absent today, who have birthdays, upcoming holidays and events from the calendar on your dashboard.

Snap Payroll

Experience the easiest payroll you would have ever seen

1-Click Payroll Generation

Generate entire payroll in a single click. Easily view and edit details.

Employee Review

Make payroll visible to employees when you want. They can review and raise any issues.

Auto Expenses

Payroll entires automatically get added to expenses. No need to track them separately.

Applicant Tracking

Manage A-Z of hiring within SnapHRM.

Job Openings

Post job openings and collect candidates through shareable URLs.

Track Applicants

Move applicants through various stages, select or reject candidates in a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Schedule Interviews

Schedule multiple interviews and notify interviewers.

Versatile Calendar

Create events and manage holidays, all from the same place

Manage Events

Easily create events and send invites to attendees. Cancel or modify at anytime.

Public Holidays

Plan for holidays throughout the year by simply selecting from a list of public holidays in your country.