System Requirements for SnapHRM

Below is the list of requirements that the server, on which you host SnapHRM's On-Premise or Multi-Company versions, should meet. Please make sure your server meets these requirements before you purchase SnapHRM. We provide limited support if these requirements are not met.


1. Operating System: Ubuntu 12.04 or later, CentOS 6 or later, Windows 7 or later, Mac OS X 10.9 or later

2. CPU, Memory, Hard Disc: Recommended 2.0GHz dual core processor, 4GB RAM, 10GB free disc space. These are not requirements but recommendations for smooth running of SnapHRM. It can run on lower spec systems too.

3. Web Server: Apache v2.2 or later

4. PHP: PHP v5.5 or later

5. MySQL: MySQL v5.5 or later

6. Apache Modules: Rewrite

7. PHP Modules: Curl, Mcrypt, Fileinfo

SnapHRM is an HR Management solution designed to make common tasks faster and your life easier.

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